Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Services Do You Offer?

We offer a range of services from Semi-Truck Financing to Private Jet financing and almost everything in between. Here is a complete list of services offered. Just click on the option that best fits your situation and find out more. Each service should have a hidden link to take them to the services page and specific location on the services page.

No Credit Check Financing

Factoring Services

Support for Start-Ups

New Owner Operators

Multi-Unit & Fleet Purchases

Business Lines of Credit

Small Business Loans

Equipment & Construction Equipment Loans

Luxury Asset Loans

Credit Repair

Commercial Truck Insurance

2. How Do I Qualify for a Loan?

Basic criteria like credit score, business revenue, and operational history are the main qualifiers, but some banks may want more information to make a better decision based on your situation. (application link)

3. What Documents Do I Need to Apply?

Just a completed application to get started but here a couple items commonly needed in order to close.

  • Copy of your CDL or DL/State ID (One of our reps will collect this when the time comes)
  • *Bank Statements and/or other financial statements may be required depending on the type of loan. (Upon Request)

4. How Much Can I Borrow?

Typically, you can borrow anywhere from 70%-100% of the total purchase price. But the minimum Loan Amount is $10,000.00 and the maximum Loan Amount is $10,000,000.00

5. What Are Your Interest Rates?

Current interest rates range from 6.9% to 29.9% depending on a multitude of factors such as loan type, credit, collateral, year, make, model, time in business, etc.

6. Are There Any Fees or Charges?

There are NO fees to apply but depending on the loan type, closing fees are typically wrapped into the loan.

7. How Long Does the Application Process Take?

We usually have full approval within an hour. But depending on the complexity of the loan, it can take anywhere from 1 hour to a couple of days to close.

8. What Are the Repayment Terms?

Repayment terms will differ from bank to bank, but will typically fall between 12 month and 60 month terms.

9. Can I Refinance My Loan?


10. What Happens if I Miss a Payment?

Missed payments are never a good thing, but each bank handles them differently and this information will be spelled out in the loan documents.

11. How Is My Credit Score Affected?

There will be very little change if any when applying for financing. Most banks do not report commercial loans to your personal credit report, but, if the loan is reported, then your credit score will be affected due to the new loan, terms, and debt. If you are worried about your credit scores, you can download our credit repair kit which provides detailed information about how your credit score is calculated and things you can do to increase your credit score and have a more “bankable” credit profile.

12. Do You Offer Support for Startups?

Yes we do. We love start-ups and new owner-operators. Our team comes with years of experience from owning a mid sized trucking company (25 tucks), Commercial Insurance, and a multitude of other industries, we offer Support in almost all Industries and Startups.

13. Is My Information Kept Confidential?

Yes, all your information is kept safe and we never sell your information to anyone, ever. Any emails you may get are coming directly from us here at Holt and are related to to your business with us.

14. Can I Apply with Bad Credit?

Yes, we have options for every credit score, including no credit check loan options. If you are worried about your credit scores, you can download our credit repair kit which provides detailed information about how your credit score is calculated and things you can do to increase your credit score and have a more “bankable” credit profile.

15. What Industries Do You Serve?

Commercial Transportation Industry & Construction Industry are our bread and butter, but we actually offer financing for almost every business out there. If you’re not sure, just call and ask.

16. How Do I Make Payments?

Payments are typically automatically drafted from your bank account (ACH) but payments can also be mailed in (paper check), or paid online (with a fee)

17. What Sets Your Company Apart?

Our customer service and dedication to you, the client. We have a “no-nonsense” approach to lending and prioritize our lender/borrower relationship over building relationships with dealerships or other industry partners.

We take pride in the fact that you can call us for anything and we are always here for you, even if it’s to ask what type of grass seed to use in your back yard. If we don’t know, we will find out. We utilize our network and clients to help business owners like you navigate the ever changing world of business. Your success is our priority.

18. Can I Speak to a Customer Service Rep?

Absolutely, you can contact us at (link to contact us form), or call us at (office number). You can also find us on facebook at (social media link).

19. How Do I Get Started?

Glad you asked, just click here (application)

20. Where do I find commercial truck insurance?

We partnered with a very reputable company that offers very competitive rates and top notch customer service. Click here for more information about the insurance products offered and how to submit your information.